Training and Professional Development

workshop classTraining and professional development are the two critical elements that support sustaining a  highly talented workforce to serve our community.  The Town of Prescott Valley is committed to offering ongoing training and professional development opportunities for all employees.  During the 2023-2024 FY, we are working in partnership with a University of Arizona Capstone Graduate team to determine the training and employment development needs of our Town workforce.  This project will provide the Town with a Strategic Guide for establishing the short and long term priorities for the professional skills development for every Town employee.  A sample listing of our professional workshops for the spring of 2023 is listed below: 

Workshop #1 -  Refresher Course – ‘Performance Pro’ & Navigating the Software

Workshop #2 – New Leaders and The Performance Evaluation Process:  Building A High Performing Team That Meets Everyone’s Needs

Workshop #3 – Critical Conversations – Solving Performance Issues for the Long Term

Workshop #4 – Goal Setting – Creating Performance Benchmarks

Workshop #5 – Advanced Goal Setting – Designing Unique Metrics & Achieving Outcomes

Workshop #6 – Constructive Conflict Resolution – Solving Workplace Issues

We also look forward to the development of long term partnerships with all of our Arizona higher education institutions in terms of the design and delivery of specific topics that are important to our employees.  Our employees also enjoy tuition reimbursement support for the pursuit of career aligned academic degrees and credentials.  This combination of internal and external education and training options is the optimum support for every employee being able to achieved their optimum career goals.