College Corner

Literature Resource Center (6-12)

This is a great starting point for book reports and biographies. Check our biographies, bibliographies, and critical analyses of authors from every age and literary discipline. 

Purdue Online Writing Lab (7-12)

Get some great tips to help with researching papers or essays. There's even a section on how to conquer "writer's block" - that thing that prevents you from getting words from your brain into a computer.

Student Resources in Context (9-12)

Quick link search for articles, videos, photos and basic facts on a wide range of topics. This is like Wikipedia but more appropriate for school projects since primary sources are cited and ready to use.

Finding The Right College For You

Financial Aid 101

How To Find College Scholarships

Virtual Campus Tours

Blogging Tips From A Pro

Tips For Career Exploration

Interview Skills For Teens

Budgeting 101 For Teens

Time Management

Video Editing & Podcasting Tips