Glassford Dells Regional Park

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  1. Guiding Principles
  • In partnership with the City of Prescott and Yavapai County, the Town wishes to protect approximately 3,500 acres of State Trust Land from future housing development.
  • New trail development should be single track to blend into the hillside. Downhill mountain bike trails should be separated from hiking and horseback trails to reduce conflict.
  • Amenities should be developed with extensive public participation to represent all interests (mountain bikers, hikers, residents, businesses, neighboring HOAs, environmental).
  • Diversify the economy by developing eco-tourism, preserving our natural resources, and encouraging outdoor use of public space.


  1. Maps
  1. Q&A

Q: Why is the Town doing this?

A: To preserve approximately 3,500 acres of Arizona State Trust Land from future housing development and expand outdoor recreational opportunities.

Q: What is this I’ve heard about a “gondola” system or mountain bike lift?

A: One idea that has been discussed is a mountain bike lift where riders could hang their bikes on the side/back of a chair lift and ride to the top. Gondolas (red, yellow, blue carrying multiple riders) is NOT under consideration. This concept must be fully studied by outside professionals to determine if it is economically feasible, can be constructed in an environmentally sustainable way, and can minimize its appearance to Prescott Valley residents.


Q: What other amenities are being considered?

A: The Parks and Recreation Department completed a master plan in 2020, consisting of multiple public meetings to garner resident input. Four of the eight “High” priorities recommended in the study discuss trail/adventure areas, including:

  1. Walking & Hiking Trails (Natural Surface) 
  2. Walking & Biking Trails (Multi-Use Paved)
  3. Adventure Area (Ropes Course, Zip Line, etc.) 
  4. Open Space Conservation Areas/Trails. 

Other amenities could include a bicycle pump track, dog park, amphitheater, picnic sites, community garden, playground, disc golf course, sand volleyball courts, archery range, or other outdoor amenities. This is where additional public input will be critical in designing a park that will provide multi-generational recreational opportunities.  A copy of the Parks Master Plan can be viewed here.

Q: What is the timeline for moving this project forward?

A: The Town is budgeting for the purchase of the land in the next fiscal year (beginning July 1, 2023). Costs to construct other amenities would be dependent upon future year budget allocations or grants. It will most likely be several years before some of these amenities could be budgeted and constructed. Funding for the purchase of the land is coming from the Town’s General Fund.

Q: Will future trails mimic the existing trail going to the top of Glassford Hill?

A: The current trail going up Glassford Hill was constructed by heavy equipment, including a road grader and bulldozer, and was designed for fire vehicles to be able to reach the top for hikers in distress. That is not our vision for other trails that would be developed, which would be small in width and blend into the hillside. There is enough property that we could include dedicated “downhill” mountain biking trails and separate trails for hikers and even possibly horseback trails.