Nov 29, 2023: PVPD Informs Community of iPhone Update

Prescott Valley Police Department recently learned of a new update on iPhone and Apple Watch devices that have installed the recent iOS 17 .1 and watchOS 10.1 updates. This feature is called “Name Drop” and it allows users to share contact information between two unlocked iPhones when the phones are almost touching or actually touching. The iPhone user receiving information from another user has the choice to accept or ignore the shared information. They also have the choice to share their contact information back to the other user. If the contact information contains a contact photo, that will also be shared between users, but no extra photos can be shared through this feature. 

This update does not allow users to drop or take information or photos to or from a locked iPhone by walking by or being near it. The iPhones must almost be touching, unlocked, and with the “Name Drop” feature enabled in order forinformation to be exchanged.

For anyone wanting to disable the “Name Drop” feature on their own phone or their child’s phone, they can do that through the “Settings” menu, then “General.” The next step is to go to “AirDrop” and turn off the “Bringing Devices Together” function. 

The Prescott Valley Police Department is committed to keeping our community informed when we become aware of information that could create potentially dangerous situations for our citizens, especially our younger ones. When we work together as a community, everyone wins. 

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