Feb 12, 2024: Citibot Honors PV Town Manager Gilbert Davidson with Changemaker Award

Gilbert Davidson, Town Manager of Prescott Valley smiling Citibot, a trailblazer in AI-driven civic engagement solutions, has honored Prescott Valley Town Manager Gilbert Davidson with the Changemaker award in its inaugural 2024 Citibot Awards, spotlighting innovation, dedication, and community impact in local government.                   

The 2024 awards highlight three categories – Premier Community, Changemaker, and Innovative Brand Ambassador. The Changemaker Award celebrates Davidson’s significant championship of positive change in Prescott Valley, AZ. “His steadfast dedication to community improvement has set new standards for excellence in local governance,” Citibot officials said.             

Garden City, KS won the Premier Community award for demonstrating its commitment to community development with a focus on diversity, and Roseville, California's AI assistant, Rosie, clinched the Innovative Brand Ambassador Award. Integrated into city services and branding, powered by Citibot’s GenAI platform, Rosie facilitates two-way communication in 71 languages.                   

Bratton Riley, Founder and CEO of Citibot, said, "These awards represent more than just recognition; they highlight the power of innovative practices and dedication to community improvement. We're immensely proud of each winner's accomplishments and the positive impact they've had on their communities.