General Fees & Timely Response

General Fees

There will be a $0.25 fee per copied page shall be paid at the time of collection of materials set from time to time by Council resolution. In addition, a charge for research time after the 1st 30 minutes shall be charged based upon the hourly wage of the employee performing the work and the cost of benefits and administrative overhead for that employee (at 30%).

Other fees may apply:

Timely Response

In accordance with ARS §39-121.01, the Town Clerk or the department custodian (as appropriate) shall promptly respond to requests for access to public records and other matters in the custody of town officers. Whether the response to a particular request is prompt must in all cases be a factual determination depending upon the accessibility of the records or other matters. In the event any request cannot be processed within 10 working days after receipt of the request form, the requestor will be so advised of the delay and the reason for it.