Water Conservation

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Prescott Valley is leading by example when it comes to water conservation. 

The Town is implementing various conservation improvements within its own properties, promoting efficient irrigation practices, and reducing water waste in all its operations. These initiatives showcase the importance of responsible water management and inspire residents to follow suit. Prescott Valley Town Council in June 2022 contracted with Schneider Electric to conduct an Investment Grade Energy Audit and Analysis for the Town. Among its findings, the firm identified a number of water saving practices, enabling a reduction of the amount of water used on the Civic Center campus and other Town buildings.

The Town's commitment to water management extends beyond its borders. By supporting the Agua Fria Watershed, which feeds into Gila River, Prescott Valley ensures the health of these crucial regional waterways. Healthy watersheds mean cleaner water, better flood control, and a more sustainable future for all.

Prescott Valley is moving forward to implement a comprehensive and progressive approach to address its water challenges head-on. Through stormwater management, responsible fee structures, conservation initiatives, innovative policies, and collaborative efforts with regional watershed protection groups, the Town is setting an example for sustainable water management.

By prioritizing the health of the Upper Verde River and Agua Fria Watersheds, Prescott Valley contributes to the broader well-being of the region. These initiatives are a testament to the Town’s commitment to effective water management and sustainability. 

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