About Us


It is the mission of the Prescott Valley Police Department to protect and preserve the rights of all people through impartial, courteous, and compassionate law enforcement.ALEAP Accredited agency


It is the vision of the Prescott Valley Police Department to evolve with our dynamic community, provide the highest level of service and safety to our deserving citizens, and collaborate with our community and regional partners to identify areas of needed improvement. We will accomplish this vision by providing our members with the tools and knowledge to meet the present and future needs of Prescott Valley within the scope of police services.ALEAP Accredited command executive logo


  • Professionalism - conduct that reflects the specialized training and responsibility inherent in policing
  • Respect - Treat others as you would like to be treated in the same situation
  • Integrity - Always doing the right thing
  • Diversity - Accepting of and valuing differences
  • Excellence - Striving to always be the best through constant evaluation and improvement


We strive to improve our quality of life by keeping you informed about our police department and the community, by encouraging you to inform us about concerns, problems, and relevant information that may result in our preventing criminal activity, solving crimes, and dealing with issues that may improve the quality of life in our community for all of us.

New & Noteworthy

Stay connected with the Prescott Valley Police! You can receive text messages and emails about Police news, as soon as information becomes available, through the NIXLE System.

If you want to commend the actions of our personnel, or express a concern/complaint use our online commendation form or complaint form.

Professional Standards

All Prescott Valley Police Department employees dedicate themselves to providing the highest level of professional service to the community we serve. Our new Police Officers take an oath of office pledging that they will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and laws of the State of Arizona, bear true faith and allegiance to the same and defend them against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of the office of according to the best of their ability.