Council Members

Kell Palguta 2023 headshot

Elected in November 2018
Re-elected in November 2022
Sworn in December 2022
Term ends December 2026  
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Mayor Kell Palguta moved to Prescott Valley in 1996 from a small town in Maine. In 1998, Mayor Palguta began his career in public service as a Police Officer for the Town of Prescott Valley.

As a Police Officer, Mayor Palguta received many awards and accolades including the Police Medal of Valor, Police Star, Rookie of the Year, Officer of the Year, Police Chief Commendation, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving Officer of the Year.

While working as a police officer, Mayor Palguta obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Northern Arizona University and Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from New Mexico State University. As a first-generation college graduate in his family, Mayor Palguta understands the importance of good education and recognizes that education is a valuable asset to any community.

After retiring as a Police Officer, Mayor Palguta continued his service to the community as an instructor at Yavapai College as well as a substitute teacher in the Humboldt Unified School District.

Since being elected in 2018 Mayor Palguta served on the League of Arizona Cities and Town Resolution Committee, as the Chairman of the Central Yavapai Metropolitan Planning Organization for two years and continues to represent Prescott Valley as a member. In 2019 Mayor Palguta became a Flinn Brown Fellow after completing the fellowship and civic leadership program. He currently sits on the Executive Board as the Treasurer to the Boys and Girls Club of Northern Arizona. Mayor Palguta was re-elected as Mayor of Prescott Valley in 2022. 

Mayor Palguta is married to his wife Aubrey and is the father to twins, Memphis and Emma Jo, and his son Lincoln. Mayor Palguta strives to make certain that Prescott Valley is a place where one can be born, grow up, graduate school, get married, raise a family, and retire.

Lori Hunt 2023 headshot
Brenda Dickinson 2023 headshot

Appointed in September 2019 
Elected in November 2020
Sworn in December 2020
Term ends December 2024  
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Lori Hunt and her husband, Dene, moved to Prescott Valley in 2018. They selected the area because it felt like home and the people were so warm and friendly. The couple enjoys hiking, kayaking and camping with their dog. They enjoy entertaining and hosting friends and family for visits. Friends describe Lori as humble, hopeful, versatile, personable, and respectful.

Lori has an extensive background in City and County government, with 30 years of experience. She appreciates the transparency of the Prescott Valley Town Council and the caring nature of all the Town Staff. She brings to Council experience in Economic Development, Community Development and Planning. Lori has facilitated strategic planning sessions for public jurisdictions and nonprofits; she is very much a consensus builder. She understands the responsibilities of Council and the duties of Town Staff and is very familiar with the Council/Manager form of Government and is appreciative that local government is a nonpartisan position, which is the only way to get things done!

Loving her new home town, Lori quickly became an active participant. She is a member of the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce, a board member of the Humboldt Education Foundation and a partner at Heights Church. Lori also served on the Parks and Recreation Commission until her recent appointment to the Town Council on September 12, 2019. She has a sincere desire to serve the people of Prescott Valley and make a positive impact in this beautiful community of Prescott Valley.

Elected in November 2020
Sworn in December 2020
Term ends December 2024 
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Born in Corry, Pennsylvania, and raised in Canoga Park, California, Brenda moved to Douglas, Arizona in 1979.  She has lived in Prescott Valley for over 26 years.  Early in her career, she worked for several years as a Legal Secretary in numerous law firms both in Southern California and in Huntsville, Alabama.  In 1974, she went to work for the Navy as a civilian at the Fleet Analysis Center in Norco, CA, then transferred from the Department of Defense to the Department of Transportation in 1977, and went to work for the Federal Aviation Administration in Air Traffic Control.  Due to upward mobility, for the next several years she moved around the Western Pacific Region spending time in Palmdale, CA, Ukiah, San Diego, Riverside, Douglas, AZ, then Tucson, and finally Prescott Valley in 1994.  As a result of privatization of Flight Service and a contract with Lockheed Martin, she ended up retiring in 2005.  At that time, she went to work for IT at LM in Prescott Valley for nearly three years and was offered a buy-out in 2008.    

Shortly after moving to Prescott Valley, and in her spare time, Brenda used her years of experience as a competitive dancer to become a dance instructor for the PV Parks & Recreation for two years.  She also volunteered as a member of the Board-at-Large for Yavapai Big Brothers and Big Sisters while being a Big Sister for two Littles.  Brenda is currently a member, Liturgist and Chair of the Bell Ringers for the Salvation Army for Prescott Community Church.  She is also a member and volunteer of the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce. 

Having been actively involved in partisan politics for several years, she is prepared to work in a nonpartisan environment, and excited to be representing the Town of Prescott Valley.  In the past few years, she has attended numerous Citizens Academies for the Town of Prescott Valley, the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors,  and the PV Police. 

Brenda is considered a loyal and devoted worker in all that she does.  She has chosen to retire in Prescott Valley and live here for the rest of her life.  She admits she loves living here, and is committed to doing her very best as Town Councilmember, and believes, with God’s blessings, that the best is yet to come.

Michael Greer 2023 headshot
April Hepperle 2023 headshot
Lucy Leyva 2023 headshot

Elected in November 2022
Sworn in December 2022
Term ends December 2026
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Michael Greer grew up in Santa Barbara, California with her artist Mother and architect Father who designed homes, high schools, banks, and public buildings. She graduated from Santa Barbara High School, attended Stephens College in Missouri, and then returned to Santa Barbara where she married and started a family. Two months before moving here she couldn’t imagine ever leaving California where her two daughters, their husbands and her four grandsons live. 

In the 1970’s Michael moved to Los Angeles to begin a 30-year career in the entertainment industry as a Casting Director. She cast more than a hundred series, pilots, movies of the week, mini-series and feature films. Casting requires negotiating contracts, navigating difficult relationships, and staying updated on the evolving rules and regulations of the industry. 

When Michael retired from casting, she grew concerned with the direction California was taking. She attended school board meetings, Town Council meetings, the Sheriff’s Civilian Oversight Commission, and started a blog reporting on them. Michael ran for the California Central Committee for the 41st district and served for 4 years. 

In 2009 Michael became a member of a non-profit, America Freedom Alliance, founded by lawyer, Avi Davis. Avi sent Michael across the country to report on various conferences and events. For the next 15 years Michael wrote and spoke to groups about what she learned. In 2015, Avi’s untimely death at the age of 57 resulted in the board continuing the work of American Freedom Alliance and Michael becoming Vice President. 

She was appointed as a delegate for the 2016 Republican Convention and did a great deal of outreach with underserved communities. However, when her peaceful neighborhood became overwhelmed with homelessness she realized the California she grew up in and loved was gone. Michael moved to Prescott Valley in March 2020.

The friendly, welcoming community of Prescott Valley made Michael's move to a new state and town easier for her. She is impressed by all the community activities available in Prescott Valley. Michael is interested in thoughtful, responsible growth, attracting more businesses and tourism,  while preserving Prescott Valley’s small-town personality.


Elected in November 2020
Sworn in December 2020
Term ends December 2024 
Contact April Hepperle

April is a wife, mother, and small-business woman in real estate in Prescott Valley.   She’s lived in Prescott Valley since 1993. Her husband, Matt, is a Prescott Valley native and a 17-year Police Officer of Prescott Valley. They were married at the Prescott Resort in 2002. April and Matt have two teen-aged children. Matt and both kids were born at YRMC in Prescott. The Hepperle kids have three sets of grandparents in the PV area, and April’s grandma lives in Prescott; April’s connection to Prescott Valley is deep-rooted. 

April has loved Prescott Valley from the moment she settled here 27 years ago. She quickly discovered a love of horses and spent her tween and teen years mucking, feeding, training and showing. When she was 17, she moved to Tempe and became the youngest employee to ever work at the State Farm Regional Office there (now known as the Tempe Operations Center). After just two years in Tempe, April came back home to Prescott Valley and began working for a local insurance agent. She was fully licensed in auto/fire and life/health and was also certified to sell bank products.  

When April’s first child was about 6 months old, she made the decision to be a stay-at-home mother and work at other things from home, including her business.  In 2014, April earned her real estate license and began her current career as a realtor.  She loves being able to help people through one of the biggest financial decisions they will ever make and eliminate the intimidating process of buying or selling a home.  In addition to her real estate business, April also dabbles in photography and is an ISSA certified personal trainer as well as a certified Buti yoga instructor. 

April has a passion for helping people, and a pride for her town, so getting involved in local government was a logical next step. “I am proud of what the town of Prescott Valley has accomplished in the last 30 years and I look forward to doing my part to contribute to a prosperous future.”

Appointed in December 2022 
Sworn in January 2023
Term ends December 2024
Contact Lucy Leyva

Lucy Leyva has been a resident of Prescott Valley since 2000. She is a single mother to two teenagers, Helen Victoria and Abraham, who are her biggest inspiration and accomplishment. Lucy knows how important it is for families to have a stable place to work and call home.

She has extensive experience in business administration. She started two of the leading cleaning companies in Northern Arizona, Prescott Maid to Order LLC and MTO Janitorial LLC. Her first cleaning job was back in 2005 cleaning one house every other week by herself. Now, her companies employ about 70-90 people. Her mission is to create more jobs and give back to the community. In 2022, she was able to make another dream of hers come true and opened an event venue call The Warehouse Event Center, to host community and family gatherings.

Lucy’s involvement is many of the business organizations in the area has been the key to her success. She is a proud member of the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce, Prescott Chamber of Commerce, Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce, Prescott Valley Economic Development Foundation (PVEDF), Yavapai County Contractors Association (YCCA), Prescott Area Association of Realtors (PAAR), and more.

She was born and raised on a cattle ranch in Chihuahua, Mexico, and is the youngest of eight siblings. She moved to Prescott Valley in 2000 immediately after completing high school. After high school, Lucy continued her education by taking small business-related college classes to expand her knowledge and understanding of the business environment and to obtain her United States citizenship, which she did in 2010.

Lucy has won many awards and commendations throughout the years including the Daily Courier Reader’ Choice Award, Prescott Living Magazine Women in Business Achievement Award, Quad Cities Business News Best of Business Award, and others. She is honored by these awards but gives credit to her entire team because without them, she would not have achieved those accomplishments.

Kendall Schumacher 2023 headshot

Elected in November 2018
Re-elected in November 2022
Sworn in December 2022
Term ends December 2026 
Contact Kendall Schumacher

Kendall Schumacher and her husband Jerry moved to Prescott Valley in 2014, along with their dogs, and have enjoyed every moment here! Kendall was raised in a family that served in the military and in community outreach. She learned early to see both sides of an issue. "Our family would debate a current event at the dinner table, and half way through my father would calmly say 'switch sides,' so that we would see another point of view," Kendall says.

Kendall has been active as a leader in Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, with the Chamber of Commerce as a former business owner, and has been involved with all the activities of raising children to be responsible adults. She absolutely loves being a grandma.

Kendall has served on a building committee for 12 years, to help design and build a Catholic church and see it to completion. She enjoys her time as a member of the choir, playing flute and singing. As a concerned citizen, she is willing to give her time wherever she will be needed.

A strong commitment to ethics and Integrity has led Kendall into real estate, and as an agent and a resident she understands that we all have concerns with water and property rights. She recently graduated from the Prescott Valley Citizen’s Academy, and hopes that everyone will take the time to attend to this introduction to all the Town offers. When asked why she became involved in the politics here, she replies,  “Why aren’t you? Everyone should be!”

Kendall understands firsthand the importance of the local employment opportunities for our working families to be able to stay in this beautiful community and raise their families. She is happy to have ability to work closely with local government to bring jobs here and be a part of helping Prescott Valley as it continues to grow and develop.

Kendall is grateful for the legacy left to us by the prior and current leadership of Prescott Valley and hopes to carry that forward for future generations.