Authority to Arrest Trespassers

Commercial properties are generally more vulnerable to trespassing than residential properties because they may not be constantly occupied, may be vacant, and tend to be located in areas where there is less vehicular and foot traffic.  To assist our commercial property owners with this problem, our authority to arrest trespassers program enables our officers to act on behalf of the property owners.  Simple complete the Authority to Arrest Trespassers form.  Once we receive the form, our officers will be able to provide enforcement after hours.

Please note this program is for commercial property only. View the Authority to Arrest Trespassers form . For more information call 928-772-9261, extension 5 or email our Crime Prevention Unit

PVPD Authority To Arrest Trespassers


  1. 1. Step One
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  • Step One

    1. Town of Prescott Valley
      Prescott Valley Police Department Authority to Arrest Trespassers

    2. How to Complete the Authority to Arrest Trespassers Form

      Line 1 - "Premises Known as"

      -Complete this space with the name of the property if it has one; for example, Rick and Tony's Auto Repair Shop, Vacant Lot #123, Vacant House. 

      Line 2 - "Located at"

      -Give the exact address of the property if it has one or directions to the premises; for example, 1234 North 56th Street, Northeast corner of Main Street & Maple Avenue. 

      Personal Information

      -Please provide us with this information including a mailing address so we can identify you as the responsible person in the event of an arrest. Two areas are provided for both the owner and agent or an alternate responsible party. This information is for prosecution purposes only. 


      -We need to know what position you hold relative to the property in question; for example, owner, manager, or agent. 

      Witness Signature

      -A witness must sign this form before we will enforce this Authority to Arrest Trespassers.  


      -Signage is to be posted by the property owner/manager/representative, it should be in English. Spanish may also be included if desired. Must include the words "No Trespassing" and the statues: ARS13-1501, 13-1502, 13-1503 and 13-1504. Signage shall be posted in conspicuous locations on the property. Owner must also list the times the trespassing will be enforced, which is typically after business hours. 

      Address Information for the Prescott Valley Police Department:

      7601 E. Skoog Blvd., Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

    3. Vacant Lot, Parking Lot, Business, Common Area, Vacant Residence

    4. In the Town of Prescott Valley, Arizona , hereby authorizes the Prescott Valley Police Department to patrol the premises indicated above and arrest person(s) trespassing pursuant to Arizona Revised Statues sections 13-1501 through 13-1504. Trespassers include those who are not on the premises to visit or conduct lawful business with the management or a resident of the premises. A person commits Criminal Trespass by knowingly: 1) entering or remaining unlawfully on any real property after property after a reasonable request to leave by the owner or any person having lawful control over such property, or 2) are on the premises after a reasonable notice prohibiting entry. 

      The undersigned agrees to cooperate fully in the prosecution of person(s) subsequently arrested for trespassing violations occurring on the premises. 

      This form is a valid from the date of signature for one year. Any changes in ownership or management must be noted to the police department as soon as possible. 

      Dated this ______________________ day of____________, 20______

    5. Owner, Resident, or Designated Agent

    6. Signature