How do I reserve a Ramada?
Contact the Parks & Recreation department at 928-759-3090 to check on availability and processing the reservation. For information on Prescott Valley parks and associated ramadas please visit our online system linked below.Ramada Reservations

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1. How do I reserve a Ramada?
2. How far in advance do I need to make my ramada reservation?
3. What are the fees to reserve ramadas?
4. Do the ramadas have electricity?
5. Can I put up a volleyball net or croquet hoops?
6. Do the parks have BBQ grills?
7. Can I bring a grill to the park for our picnic?
8. Can I reserve a park exclusively for an event?
9. What is your refund policy for cancellations?
10. I have a reservation for a Ramada but someone is using it and won’t leave. What do I do?