What are the allowed methods for gold panning?

Only panning is allowed. If there is no water flow you can dry pan. If you prefer to pan with water you will have to haul in your own water by hand. You are allowed to dig in the creek bed and the shore line provided you replace the soil. Do not damage any plant roots or remove large rocks. Sluice boxes and Dredgers of any kind are strictly prohibited. 10-02-010 Trespass on Town Property. A. It is unlawful for any person to willfully commit any trespass upon Town-owned or leased lands by either cutting down, destroying or injuring any kind of wood or timber growing upon the lands, or digging, taking or carrying away any earth or soil lying or being upon the lands, or under the surface thereof, or to remove any other materials or objects from the Town-owned or leased land or property, except as follows: 1. Gold panning and metal detecting may continue within the boundaries of Fain Park, so long as such activity is limited to - a. use of gold pans, metal detectors, and hand tools such as picks and shovels [use of motorized or mechanical equipment or mining aids (e.g. sluice boxes, dry washers, gold screws, gold bugs, rocker boxes, wheel barrows or other devices designed to increase production above that level obtained with gold pans and hand tools) is prohibited]; b. excavations made below the high water mark of the stream channel that do not damage or disturb root systems of live vegetation and are filled in before the area is left; c. day use [no fires, washing of utensils, or camping is permitted as part of the activity, all trash is to be disposed of in marked receptacles, and Park restrooms are to be used instead of depositing or burying human waste in the Park]; and d. use of metal detectors to locate mineral deposits such as gold and silver [it is not permitted to use metal detectors in Fain Park to search for treasure trove, to locate historical and prehistorical artifacts and features, or to search for recent coins and lost metal objects]. 2. Historical presentations related to mining activity in the area may continue within the boundaries of Fain Park, so long as such presentations are limited to: a. those made by bona fide historical organizations during Town-sponsored or approved activities in the Park.

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