How long does it take to build it?
The amount of time to design and to build the project varies from a few months to a several years, and depends on the project.

Here is an example of a typical project timeline:
1 - The need is identified, and sometimes includes studies and models.
2 - The project scope and schedule is determined.
3 - Funding is secured.
4 - A designer is selected, and design commences.
5 - Surveying, soils studies, traffic studies, etc. are performed, as needed.
6 - Land is acquired, if necessary.
7 - Design is completed, estimates are refined, and necessary permits are obtained.
8 - The project is bid, and a contractor is hired to begin the work.
9 - The project is built, with inspection oversight and testing.
10 - The new infrastructure is approved, and the warranty period begins.
11 - The Town accepts ownership, and begins operations and maintenance.

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