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Neighborhood Services

  1. Lost Pet Notification

    Maybe your eager puppy squirmed right out of his collar while you were not looking or the door or gate was found open. Maybe your... More…

Parks & Recreation

  1. Parks and Recreation Marketing Survey

    The Parks and Recreation Department is looking for community members to share which platforms they use to learn about local events.... More…

  2. Public Art Display Program Application

    This application will allow for artists to submit their work for one of the Prescott Valley art exhibits.

  3. TEST - Music Performances
  1. Prescott Valley Special Events Feedback

    Please fill out this survey to the best of your abilities. Feedback will be used when planning future events.

  2. Teen Art Showcase Registration Form

Police Department

  1. Alerta de Alzheimer

    Este formulario de advertencia está diseñado para transmitir información pertinente al Centro Regional de Comunicaciones de Prescott... More…

  2. Barking Dog Notification

    BARKING DOG NOTIFICATION REPORT This form to be completed by the complainant.

  3. Citizen Complaint Form
  4. House Watch Program

    Prescott Valley Police Department performs a vacation House Watch service for permanent local residents only. The Police Department... More…

    • Houses that are for sale/lease/rent and are unoccupied
    • Vacant houses
    • Out-of-towners requesting security checks
    • For a period of time not to exceed 2 months (60 days)

    Prescott Valley Police Department is not responsible for any loss or property damage.Less…

  5. Police Dept Public Records Request

    Police Public Records Access Request Form

  6. PVPD Authority To Arrest Trespassers

    This is the form to fill out PVPD Authority To Arrest Trespassers

  7. Report A Crime

    This website is not monitored 24 hours a day, if you need a police officer call Prescott Valley Dispatch at 928-772-9267, or if it is... More…

  8. Virtual Block Watch Registration Form

    To register your CCTV with the Prescott Valley Police Department, please complete and submit this form. Prescott Valley Police... More…

  1. Alzheimer's Alert

    This address advisory form is designed to relay pertinent information regarding a resident within the jurisdiction of the Town of... More…

  2. Business Security Survey

    This is the form to fill out for Business Security Survey

  3. Commendation Form

    If you are reporting an emergency, please call 911. If you would like to report a crime, contact your local law enforcement agency.... More…

  4. Internship

    This is the form to fill out to be considered for an Internship at the Prescott Valley Police Department.

  5. Prescott Valley Police Department Youth Academy 2023
  6. PVPD Business Watch Registration

    This is the form to fill out for Business Watch Registration

  7. Report a Traffic Incident or Issue

    This website is not monitored 24 hours a day, if you need a police officer call Prescott Valley Dispatch at 928-772-9267, or if it is... More…

Prescott Valley TV

  1. Story Ideas

    Channel 56 invites Prescott Valley residents to submit ideas for stories to be covered on future programs. What do you want to know... More…

Town Clerk

  1. Aviso de Demanda (español)
  2. Public Records Access Request

    This request will be handled promptly based on the nature and extent of the request. If the Town requires more than 10 working days... More…

  1. Notice of Claim (english)

Town Manager's Office

  1. Crosswalk Study Comment Sheet

    The Town of Prescott Valley is hosting an open house meeting on Wednesday, October 27 at 5:30PM to discuss the recommendations for... More…

  2. Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Submission Form
  1. Glassford Dells Regional Park Feedback Form
  2. Town Hall Commendation / Complaint Form

    This form is to submit a commendation or complaint about an area of the Town not related to the Police Department. If you would like to... More…


  1. YavaLine Feedback Form

    Do you have a compliment, complaint, or need to report an incident? We want to hear from you! Please fill out the YavaLine feedback... More…