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Public Art Display Program Application

  1. Public Art Display Program Application

    The Town of Prescott Valley is committed to enriching our community by providing quality Arts & Culture programs and events that encourage participation from both local artists and art lovers alike. The Public Art Display Program is a rotation of art exhibits on display at the Prescott Valley Public Library that highlight both professional and beginner artists. The Town encourages local artists to get involved by applying to be an exhibiting artist or participating in one of our juried art showcases. 

    Once the application packet is received, it will be reviewed by designated Prescott Valley Personnel and the applicant will receive further details on the show for which they are applying. Once accepted, the applicant will be notified with information and instructions necessary to complete the display process. Applications not accepted for the Public Art Display Program shall be acknowledged via email.

  2. Artist Information

    Please fill out the information below. If you have participated in multiple Town of Prescott Valley Public Art Display Programs in the past, please list the one you participated in most recently. 

  3. Have you ever applied to be an exhibiting artist in the Prescott Valley Pubic Art Display Program? *
  4. Select which Public Art Display Program you are applying for:
  5. Solo and Group Shows (No Fee; high quality images required)
  6. Juried Showcases (Fee Required; high quality images requires)
  7. Artwork Entry

    Please fill out the following information for up to three pieces of art you are submitting. To submit your images, upload them at the bottom of this page or email them to

    High quality images only.

  8. Intent to sell my art

    My art is for sale, and I understand that I am required to submit a completed Vendor Packet provided by the Town, which includes a Vendor Certification Form and W9, before the shows start date. I am also aware that the Town will retain 20% of all art sales.

  9. Intent to sell my art
  10. Exhibiting Art Agreement*

    In accordance with the Policy and Guidelines for Artwork Exhibits for the Town of Prescott Valley, you agree to loan the above listed materials.

    By Executing this Agreement, you acknowledge you have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions of the policy and its guidelines. 

  11. Lender's Signature

    By typing your name below you are creating a digital signature to represent that you agree with all terms and conditions regarding the Exhibition Art Agreement. 

  12. Please upload high quality photos of your artwork or email them to

  13. Please upload high quality photos of your artwork or email them to

  14. Please upload high quality photos of your artwork or email them to

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