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House Watch Program

  1. House Watch Program
    Prescott Valley Police Department performs a vacation House Watch service for permanent local residents only. The Police Department will not perform this service for any of the following:
    • Houses that are for sale/lease/rent and are unoccupied
    • Vacant houses
    • Out-of-towners requesting security checks
    • For a period of time not to exceed 2 months (60 days)

    Prescott Valley Police Department is not responsible for any loss or property damage.
  2. Forms must be received at least 1 week before "Leave Date" to allow for processing/scheduling.*
  3. Automatic Lighting
  4. Lights Left On
  5. Deliveries Stopped
  6. Vehicles on Property
  7. Description of Vehicles
  8. Dog on Property
  9. Dog Fenced
  10. Locked
  11. Persons with keys or are authorized/responsible for property:
  12. Anyone else you would like contacted?
  13. Upon return, please call 928-772-5155 to cancel.
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